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In 1979, a law was passed that was designed to provide remedies to victims of domestic violence. The law, comprising Chapter 50B, provides a framework for District Courts in the state to address issues of domestic violence and to provide protection to victims. The actions and remedies outlined in Chapter 50B are separate and distinct from any criminal matters that may arise because of incidents of domestic violence.

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In general, Chapter 50B provides to abused persons the ability to obtain an order of protection from a court that requires an abuser to keep one’s distance from a victim. In general, if an order of protection is granted and the abuser violates the order, the abuser may be held in contempt of court and imprisoned, among other potential penalties. A person seeking a protective order needs to go to the courthouse to obtain one. 

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In criminal matters, criminal statutes generally apply to defendants regardless of whether they share a close relationship with the victim. When the crime does fit the definition of domestic violence, however, the law provides the judge with the opportunity to impose special conditions when sentencing the defendant. The judge may impose special terms of probation such as requiring the defendant to seek medical or psychiatric treatment, attend rehab, and abstain from alcohol and drug use.

There are remedies available to people who are victims of domestic violence, but seeking legal counsel is the best course of action when wanting to pursue these avenues.

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