Who Can I Bring to the U.S.?

Who Can I Bring to the U.S.? A lot of us in the United States have family abroad to whom we wish we could live closer. Striving for the American dream also means making sure your family is around you to live it as well.  Unfortunately, not everybody knows their…
January 17, 2022

First-Party and Third-Party Insurance Claims 

First-Party and Third-Party Insurance Claims  A first-party insurance claim is a claim you document with your own insurance company. A third-party car insurance claim is a claim you document with another driver's insurance company (or the other way around). A normal first-party claim is a claim you record under the…
December 23, 2021

What is a J1 Visa?

Immigration Lawyer The J1 Visa program allows people to come to the United States and train in a field that their home country has deemed necessary for the economy. These fields include Agriculture, business management, child care, etc. You can apply for the J1 program in your home country and…
November 27, 2021

Real Estate and Property Issues

Dealing with the different facets of real estate can be a difficult process. There are large sums of money being transferred, agreements being signed, loans being given out, and more. Sometimes there are many different organizations, people, or entities involved as well with real estate. Seeking out help with real…
November 21, 2021

Trust Lawyers and Finding the Right One

Trust Lawyer A trust lawyer is someone that can help out with estate planning and the creation of a trust. Many people confuse the differences between a will and a trust and wonder which is better to choose from. A trust lawyer can answer those questions and provide their experience,…
November 16, 2021