DUI lawyer Provo, UT DUI lawyer Provo, UT

Our DUI lawyer Provo, UT residents, rely on knows that when a fun evening turns into the worst night of your life, it can feel as though there is no resolution to the charges you are facing. DUIs come with an immense amount of shame, leaving those facing charges and subsequent convictions feeling incredibly hopeless, worried over how they will ever be able to overcome. At Pacific Legal Group, we can share that all hope is not lost; by taking immediate action with our legal services, we can defend your case to provide you with the best possible outcome. Our services are critical, we know you want to overcome the DUI charges, and we are here to assist you with putting your best foot forward. 

Taking Immediate Action

Following your arrest, you may be detained and should bail yourself out as quickly as possible. While an arrest for a DUI can be incredibly upsetting, you should not wait to take action. Start by finding a lawyer immediately. If you want to receive the best outcome for your current situation, this will be critical. Even if this is your first offense, your license will automatically be suspended for 120 days. While your court date may be some ways away, you can challenge this suspension as long as you do so within ten days of your arrest. Typically, once the request is made, an administrative hearing is held within a month of the arrest. While it can be easy to put off contacting a lawyer or tempting to represent yourself, a DUI lawyer in Provo, UT, can provide the best opportunity at protecting your rights. 

Overcoming a DUI

It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest worries people charged with a DUI have is how a conviction will impact their future. DUI convictions can carry heavy consequences, including: 

  • Heavy Fines
  • Jail Time
  • Probation
  • Loss of License 
  • +More

In addition to criminal consequences, there is a social stigma that accompanies a DUI conviction. It may be challenging to obtain employment, you will have a criminal record, and relationships may be impacted, to name a few. While this can seem as though all hope is lost, we want you to know that it is possible to overcome a DUI. It can feel as though you will never be able to get back on your feet again, but it is possible. We want to help you face these consequences and reduce the potential impact by reviewing your case, developing a legal strategy, and protecting your rights. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Navigating the complicated legal territory of DUI charges is best suited for an experienced DUI lawyer. The process is bound to be overwhelming enough, and facing the consequences alone is not recommended. Put your best foot forward by hiring a lawyer who can:

  • Help You Understand the Charges
  • Prepare You for Court
  • Protect Your Future
  • Challenge the Charges Brought Against You
  • Work to Get Your Case Dismissed or Reduced

When fighting a DUI charge, your future is at stake, and Pacific Legal Group can help. We will work diligently by making every effort to provide a favorable outcome. Don’t delay in getting ahead of the charges you are up against. Take back control by contacting our Provo, Utah DUI lawyer.