Criminal Defense and DUI Law Firm Provo UT

Criminal Defense and DUI Law Firm Provo UT

At Pacific Legal Group, our team members are focused on providing dependable legal services to those in the Provo, UT community and beyond. We are well-versed on criminal defense and DUI cases, and aren’t afraid to advocate strongly for our clients. We can understand how much stress you may be under, so rest assured our team can offer words of legal wisdom and help guide you through this difficult time. 

That being said, we know that an upcoming legal consultation can be anxiety-provoking in itself. When it comes to a recent DUI or other criminal offense, the one thing you need right now is someone to ensure you are treated fairly and have the best chances at a lowered or dropped charge. Not only that, but you could probably use a little nature or fun in your life, so when visiting our office don’t forget about some places that you can go to nearby to unwind:

Rest Your Mind at Utah Lake State Park

Utah Lake State ParkNature is healing. We hear that all the time. But what does that mean exactly? Nature often provides us with that calm moment we need to center ourselves. There is an element to nature that makes it easier to rest the mind of busy thoughts and come back to the present moment. This lake state park is one of Provo, Utah’s biggest freshwater lakes, at around 148 square miles and offers numerous recreational activities. If you enjoy fishing, then you can hop to snag some walleye, catfish, black bass, white bass, or many other pan-fish species. Maybe you’ll decide to include paddle boarding, swimming, boating, or RV camping into your visit as well. 

Garden Serenity at Nielsen’s Grove Park

Nielsens Grove ParkThis gorgeous property is considered to be the first official park for Utah state. The park is around 21.4 acres and has a contemplation pool, carousel swing, walking path, water fountain, playground, natural duck pond, and parterre gardens. A Danish immigrant by the name of Jorgen Nielsen started the park in 1880. When traveling to Utah, Mr. Nielsen envisioned using vast expanse of untouched western land to create a garden of his own. It was his dream for the garden to be full of beauty. It’s worth a stop if you are visiting our offices and need somewhere to get fresh air. 

Hike It Out at Y Mountain
If you are a nature buff and like hiking, then the views at Y Mountain in Provo, UT are a must-see. As far as hiking paths areY Mountain Utah concerned, this is one of the most well-known hikes and should be on your bucket list if you enjoy mountain sites. You can choose to hike the Y trail and back down, or continue past it to the top of Y Mountain. If you don’t feel like hiking that far up, then just the Y trail is 2.2 miles total round trip. The difficulty varies from person to person, but there is an elevation gain of 1,074 feet to reach the Y trail top. Most people take between 1-3 hours to finish the Y trail. 

Dealing with a DUI or other criminal offense can interrupt a person’s life and throw it for a spin. We can imagine that right now, a compassionate yet strategic professional who understands criminal law is probably exactly who you need on your side. And while you’re here for a consultation or appointment, consider visiting one of the above sites for mind-and-body centering. The lawyers at Pacific Legal Group in Provo, UT are ready to chat with you now, so don’t hesitate to call!