Criminal Defense

Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with a crime changes your life. You may feel as if the world is against you and everything has gone wrong. It may seem like you’ve hit a dead end and that nothing can be done to avoid the worst of the consequences ahead. But all is not lost. Your life is not over, and there is help available.

More than anything, you need someone with the experience to help you navigate this process. Being charged with a crime is only the beginning. Most criminal cases do not go to a trial. Felony charges do not always result in felony convictions and misdemeanor charges do not always result in jail time. Charges can be modified or dropped altogether if you hire a skilled and competent criminal defense attorney who is capable of putting a strong defense for you.

It is important to know that you have options.  An experienced criminal lawyer can help you explore the various legal defenses that may be available in your case, and conduct a thorough case analysis to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you will have someone who will be at your side and defend your legal rights. Taking your case to trial may be the best option. Or your attorney may get a better result by negotiating with the prosecutor. 

Having hope means knowing that your case has a chance, your life has a chance, that you still have a chance. Your lawyer should be able to help you navigate this process while you rebuild your life. You should only work with a lawyer who has successfully achieved positive results for clients who have faced charges similar to yours. Your chances of having a desirable case outcome are better if you work with a reputable lawyer who has had proven results. 

First Steps You Should Take After Being Charged With a Crime

When someone is faced with a serious charge, they may feel anxious and upset. It is important not to panic if you are charged, regardless if it’s a misdemeanor or a felony. You must remain calm as you consider your next steps. Some of the first steps you can take if you are criminally charged include:

  • Not talking to anyone other than a lawyer
  • Request a consultation with a lawyer
  • Obtain information about what you are charged with
  • Gather important documents
  • Write down notes about details related to the charge

What a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do For You

A criminal defense attorney can assist you with many things. They can inform you of your legal rights, conduct an evaluation of your case, provide insightful legal advice, build a strong defense, and represent you in court. They will examine every case detail and construct a defense that will increase the likelihood of your charge being reduced or even dismissed. With their experience and understanding of the laws and court system, they will look for every weakness in the charge levied against you.

You may be hesitant about hiring a lawyer to represent you. However, it would be in your best interest to have an attorney who specializes in criminal law to defend you. You want to ensure that you have the best possible defense. While you do have the option to represent yourself, you may not have as good results as you would have if you chose to hire an attorney. 

You can work with a public defender who can represent you in court. However, public defenders often have a large caseload, leaving them overworked. They may have limited time and resources to give full attention to your case. It is best to hire an attorney who can devote their full resources to your case so that they can build the best defense for you. 

Get Legal Help Now

All is not lost if you have been charged with a crime. Get urgent legal assistance so that you have a strong defense. With an aggressive and experienced attorney, you may be able to have your charge reduced or dropped. Schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney today.