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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Criminal Defense

Our attorneys have represented clients in cases ranging from minor misdemeanors to 1st degree felonies. If you are charged with a crime, you need an experienced attorney to help you resolve this issue. Click here for more information.

Personal Injury

Being injured and deciding to hire a lawyer can be overwhelming. We can help you obtain medical help and assistance while aggressively advocating for compensation. We are committed to representing your interests. Click here for more information or call us for a free consultation.


If you feel burdened with debt, help is available. Whether your debts result from illness, a divorce, a poor business decision, or a lost job, bankruptcy can provide the “fresh start” Congress intended. We can help. Click here for more information.


Immigration law is a complicated area involving multiple agencies and numerous federal rules and regulations. Whether you are seeking a green card, temporary visa, or citizenship, we can help you navigate these bureaucratic waters. Hablamos Español.

Family Law

Family law matters can be difficult for everyone involved. We are committed to helping you navigate the rough legal waters of a contested divorce, custody, spousal and child support, and visitation. Click here for more information or call us for a free consultation.


There are two types of lawyers:  those who push paper behind a desk and those who fight in court. We are the kind that fight in court.  If you have a dispute with another person, company, or even the government, we can help. Click here for more information.

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Client Review

“Rob Avery at Pacific Legal Group was professional, kind, and fair. As someone who is very new to navigating the legal world, I was impressed by my attorney’s transparency and willingness to involve me at every step of my case. I felt confident that I could trust Mr. Avery and his team. I would without hesitation recommend him to family and friends.”
Jess Christensen
Client Review