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Utah Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents happen, people get injured, and lives can be lost when somebody makes a poor decision. Sometimes that decision is made behind the wheel. Most of the time, that person has an insurance company to represent them. Who represents you? Who will work to help you rebuild your life?

At the Pacific Legal Group, we believe that you need an effective advocate to represent your interests. Having someone on your side who understands the law can make a huge difference. The insurance company has only one motive: to reduce the amount they pay for your injuries and other damages. We will stand beside you and represent your interests.

If you have been injured, you have a lot of decisions to make regarding treatment and recovering from the accident. You need a lawyer to help you navigate this process. We can help you rebuild your life.


I was rear-ended by two cars and my daughters and I were badly injured. The insurance companies refused to help me. Nate Burdsal fought for me and won a $650,000 judgment.

V. C.

My church needed a new roof and I responded to the Pastor's call for help. The church didn't use a contractor with safety equipment and, when I slipped on some unattached plywood, I fell forty feet. I suffered internal injuries and serious damage to my hips and legs but the church's insurance company offered me only $5,000. Hutch Fale worked hard for me and got me a settlement that paid my medical bills and helped us buy a house.

S. M.

The other driver slid in the snow and came right across the center divider toward us. We were lucky to be alive but badly injured. David Gardner got us full value for the car and a settlement that paid our medical bills, kept us out of bankruptcy, and gave us a down payment on a new house.

D. S.