How to Support a Friend with a Drunk Driving Charge

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If your friend recently got arrested for drunk driving, it is important to be there for him or her. A DUI is a serious charge that can negatively impact a person in many ways. Here are a few tips for supporting your friend during this difficult time.

Don’t Pass Judgment

If you find out that your friend has been charged with a DUI, you might initially feel disappointed. You may wonder why your friend used such bad judgment and put others in danger. However, try not to be too judgmental. It is likely that your friend feels bad enough and does not need further criticism. Good people can still make mistakes. 

Suggest Counseling

If your friend has had other episodes of excessive drinking, gently suggest alcohol addiction treatment. Explain to your friend that you are concerned about his or her well-being and believe that speaking to a drug and alcohol counselor may be helpful. 

Offer to Drive Your Friend

A DUI charge automatically results in a suspended driver’s license. As such, your friend might have a difficult time getting around. If it is feasible, offer to give your friend rides to important places, like work, doctor’s appointments and the grocery store. Your friend will surely appreciate it during this tough time.

Spend Time with Your Friend

Dealing with a DUI charge can lead to a lot of emotional distress. Your friend may worry about the possibility of going to jail and their future career prospects. Isolation can make things even worse. Spending quality time with your friend can make a huge difference in his or her mental health. Even something simple as ordering pizza and watching Netflix on the couch can be helpful.

Encourage Your Friend to Hire a Lawyer

It is not recommended for anyone to handle a DUI case without legal assistance. A drunk driving charge carries serious consequences, so working with a qualified lawyer is a must. A skilled lawyer can provide a strong defense and improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. Therefore, encourage your friend to hire a drunk driving lawyer, like one from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. If you have other friends or family members who have used a reputable DUI lawyer in the past, give your friend referrals. 

If you have a DUI charge, schedule a consultation with a drunk driving lawyer today.

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