Criminal Defense Lawyer Provo, UT Criminal Defense Lawyer Provo, UT

It will be in your best interest to work with our criminal defense lawyer Provo, UT area residents recommend when accused of a crime. No person should move through this process unrepresented, without an experienced lawyer by their side. Of course, there will be options to choose from, and if you qualify, you may receive representation from a public defender. However, know that a private criminal attorney can offer several advantages over this option. With so many options, finding an experienced lawyer can certainly feel like a huge undertaking. A basic Internet search may produce a multitude of options. However, by taking the extra step and dedicating the time and energy to finding the right lawyer, you can feel rest assured in knowing that you will receive the representation you deserve. At Pacific Legal Group, our team knows that this is both a stressful and trying time, and we want to help you feel supported and represented in the way you deserve. 

Reasons Experience is Important

Criminal charges can sometimes come as a surprise, and hiring a lawyer with criminal defense experience will be essential. Be aware that knowledge of criminal law is critical to ensuring that you receive the proper guidance. Attorneys have a specific skill set and receive special training and education to practice law. Like doctors, they often have specified areas of practice. For example, you wouldn’t want a cardiovascular doctor treating orthopedic problems. Why would you want any lawyer other than one who practices criminal law representing you? To ensure that you receive the representation you need, find a lawyer with vast experience in representing Utah’s criminal cases. 

Choosing a Private Criminal Lawyer

When searching for a Provo, Utah criminal defense lawyer, you may be able to receive representation from a public defender if you qualify. While this comes at no cost and can be tempting, this may put you at a disadvantage. Public defenders often carry high caseloads and often do not have the time or resources to devote to your case. This is a primary reason to consider a private criminal lawyer if you are able. Private lawyers have more manageable caseloads and, as a result, will have more time to work on your case. Private lawyers may have personal motivation as winning cases can be advantageous to their practice and their reputation. When encroaching upon the criminal justice system, a lawyer who can answer questions and dedicate the time and resources to your case provides peace of mind and the best opportunity to achieve a favorable outcome.  

Reasons to Take the Extra Step

Amidst the pressure, you may feel in a rush to choose a lawyer right away. There will be so many options to choose from when searching for representation. While it may be tempting to select the first law firm you find from a basic Internet search, taking a deeper dive will be necessary. In addition to conducting online research, consider taking the following steps:

  • Ask people you know for recommendations
  • Read online reviews
  • Ask prospective lawyers for their track records
  • Choose someone who responds promptly to your inquiries
  • Make sure they have experience representing cases in the area
  • Obtain a clear picture of their fee structure
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss your case before retaining their services

Pacific Legal Group has seen firsthand the stress that comes with a criminal accusation, and we are here to assist with putting your best foot forward during this difficult time. No person deserves to face the criminal legal system without representation they can rely on. Do not hesitate, provide yourself with the upper hand by contacting our Provo, Utah criminal defense lawyer today!