Qualities Only The Best Lawyers Have

What makes a lawyer great? Is it their background, good communication, or ability to influence a verdict? Maybe it’s all of the above. Of course, every lawyer has to obtain a certain level of education and experience in order to practice law and make a difference in their clients' cases.…
Pacific Legal GroupMay 3, 2022

Qualities of A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer

  While state criminal charges are generally less serious than federal offenses they nevertheless can have a serious, long-lasting impact on your rights, your future, and your freedom. If you are convicted of a state crime in Florida, you could face jail/prison time, harsh fines, probation, and immigration consequences. You…
Pacific Legal GroupAugust 20, 2021

5 Questions To Ask When Considering Hiring a Weapons Charges Lawyer

After being injured due to the negligence of another individual weapon, you might be considering suing that other party. If you're not sure whether your case is big enough to hire a Weapons Charges lawyer, there are some questions you'll want to answer. 1. How Major Are My Injuries? The…
Pacific Legal GroupJune 22, 2021

What To Do When You Have a Bench Warrant

Bench Warrant Warrants are tremendously startling. They are considerably more alarming in the event that you don't realize you have any, and you experience a cop and are out of nowhere being arrested. Envision having a neglected traffic ticket, it's simply a traffic ticket, isn't that so? The most exceedingly…
Pacific Legal GroupMay 24, 2021