Qualities of A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer

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While state criminal charges are generally less serious than federal offenses they nevertheless can have a serious, long-lasting impact on your rights, your future, and your freedom. If you are convicted of a state crime in Florida, you could face jail/prison time, harsh fines, probation, and immigration consequences.

You could also find yourself dealing with an array of societal consequences, as a criminal record is both public and, in most criminal cases, permanent.

If you or your loved one have been charged with a crime or if you even believe that you are under investigation, it is crucial that you act quickly in securing a criminal defence lawyer.

Type of Criminal Cases 

Criminal defence lawyers assist clients  with all types of criminal and immigration matters. They regularly handle the following types of criminal cases:

  •     Drug crimes
  •     Domestic violence
  •     Violent crimes
  •     Traffic tickets and offenses
  •     DUIs
  •     Property crimes
  •     Juvenile offenses
  •     Fraud
  •     Sex crimes
  •     Weapons and firearm charges

 They also assist clients with issues involving expunction, warrants, sentencing hearings, and probation violations.

 What Qualities Should A Perth Criminal Defence Lawyer Have?

  •     Communication

The interaction between you and your lawyer is extremely important. It’s vital that you have a criminal lawyer who is easily approachable and can communicate legal advice to you honestly and in a way that you clearly understand. Your criminal lawyer should be a good listener, as he is a speaker, so your queries and concerns can be considered and properly answered. Effective communication with your lawyer will assist you to understand the law as it relates to your charges, the plea options available to you, the court procedure, and the potential legal issues that may arise during the court process. Good communication facilitates a client-lawyer relationship built on confidence and trust.

  •     Understanding

The criminal lawyer should be understanding and empathetic to the stressful and emotional impact that the criminal charges are taking on you. The lawyer should have respect for your reputation, concern for your safety and well- being, as well as concern for the direction that your case is headed. The criminal lawyer should ensure that you understand what measures can be taken to minimise public exposure and to maintain privacy during the court process.

  •     Consideration & preparation 

 A criminal defence lawyer should carefully consider the evidence giving rise to the factual allegations of the criminal charges and provide you with honest advice about your case. The lawyer should be thorough and detailed in the preparation of your case for trial and consider all possible defences that may be raised at the trial.

  •     Representation

The criminal defence lawyer should be a good speaker and maintain commitment, determination and focus to achieve the best possible result in court for you. The representation should be strategic in its approach. The defences to your charge should also be communicated and presented in a way that is clearly understood by a Judge or Jury.

  •     Experience

Experience is an essential attribute for a good criminal defence lawyer. It’s a vital component for the criminal lawyer to be able to:

  1.     Provide sound legal advice;
  2.     Defend the case with confidence and quality advocacy in court;
  3.     Know what evidence can and can’t be led by the prosecution at trial; and
  4.     Know which defences are required to be raised on your behalf at trial.

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