5 Questions To Ask When Considering Hiring a Weapons Charges Lawyer

by Pacific Legal GroupJune 22, 2021September 22nd, 2021Criminal

Weapons Charges LawyerAfter being injured due to the negligence of another individual weapon, you might be considering suing that other party. If you’re not sure whether your case is big enough to hire a Weapons Charges lawyer, there are some questions you’ll want to answer.

1. How Major Are My Injuries?

The more major your injuries, the more likely you’ll want to hire a weapons charges lawyer. More severe injuries will typically complicate things, and having a lawyer on the case will cause you less stress. If your injuries are quite severe, they’re probably going to qualify for a greater settlement, and a lawyer can help you determine that amount. If your injuries are minor and won’t require more than a few hundred dollars of care, it’s probably not worth hiring a lawyer.

2. Does My Injury Require Future Treatment?

It could be hard to determine whether your injury will require future treatment. You can collect statements and documents from your doctors, but trying to make sense of it could get confusing. Hiring a lawyer could help you put it all into context and determine how much you should seek when filing your claim. If your doctor doesn’t foresee future treatment, you might not have a very complicated case.

3. Is There a Source of Recovery?

Even if you have a solid case that requires a lawyer, if there’s not a source of recovery, you won’t ever see that compensation. If the liable party is uninsured, doesn’t own any personal property, doesn’t have a job and doesn’t have any savings, you probably wouldn’t have success at collecting compensation. You wouldn’t have a way to pay your lawyer, either. If there is a source of recovery, you might be able to gain more with the expertise of your lawyer.

4. Is the Insurance Offer Fair?

It’s possible the liable party’s insurance company will offer a fair settlement. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t have to file a lawsuit for compensation. You can still discuss the issue with a lawyer to determine whether it is fair or not, but you may not need to hire someone to help you with a legal claim. 

5. Do I Have Evidence of Liability?

If there is no way for you to prove that the other party is liable for your injuries, you’re probably not going to end up with any type of settlement. If you have proof, and your lawyer feels it is sufficient, it could be a huge benefit to hire a lawyer to fight your case.

Hire a Weapons Charges Lawyer Today

While these questions and answers could have cleared some things up for you, you likely have more questions. Contact a Weapons Charges lawyer such as May Law, LLP  to get the answers you seek and to hire a legal professional to handle your case.

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