When You Will Need an Immigration Lawyer

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It is not always clear when you need to hire an immigration lawyer, but there are some situations where it is straightforward, and you can likely complete the requirements on your own. For example, suppose you are applying for a green card or an immigrant visa, and you have all of the documentation in place. In that case, you may not need an immigration lawyer as long as you are eligible for one of these statutes and you have no criminal record. 

It is important to hire an attorney for more complicated tasks or even if your application process is not as straightforward as it would seem. Immigration law can be highly complex and become complicated quickly, so when you are in doubt, you need to retain the assistance of an immigration lawyer, sooner rather than later in your process.

Times When You Should Hire an Immigration Attorney

Below, we have outlined certain times when it can be beneficial to hire an immigration attorney.

  1. You Are a U.S. Employer Seeking Foreign-Born Employees. For any number of reasons, you may want to hire non-U.S. citizens in your company. When this is the case, you likely will not have the background and knowledge necessary to handle complications when it comes to immigration law. When you create an advertisement for this type of position, you must also use particular language for the ad to be acceptable. In this case, using an immigration attorney can be beneficial to create the job and hire someone for it.
  2. As an Immigrant, You Are Inadmissible. The government is stringent with admissibility rules in the United States. If you know your circumstances make you inadmissible, hiring an immigration attorney before even beginning your application process is best. This will help you see your chances of acceptance and how to best tackle your history.
  3. If You Have Encountered Multiple Delays. Unfortunately, even if there is nothing wrong with your application, it may take USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) a very long time to get back to you regarding your application. These kinds of delays do not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your background or your paperwork, but your application may not be at the top of the list. While your immigration attorney may not be able to get this process moving much faster, they can help you to understand what might have happened, and they can advocate for you on your behalf.
  4. You Have Too Much Paperwork. There are many cases where a simple U.S. immigration application comes with various forms you need to file and multiple documents you must provide. When this is the case, your immigration attorney can sift through paperwork for you and ensure you have the correct information on any applications. Any errors and your application may be delayed or rejected.

At law firms, like the Law Group of Iowa, the lawyers will care about getting you the help you need when you are coming to the U.S. or trying to bring someone over to the U.S. For more information on how a lawyer can help you, please reach out to a law firm that specializes in immigration law today.

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