Domestic Violence Lawyer Midvale, UT

Taking the first steps to remove yourself and your children from a domestic violence situation can feel overwhelming and emotional. Let a compassionate Midvale, UT, domestic violence lawyer help you assert your legal rights and draft legal protections for you as you leave the abusive relationship to start safely anew.

Leaving a domestic violence situation can be dangerous, especially without legal protection. We’re here to help. The attorneys from Pacific Legal Group focus on protecting victims of domestic violence, no matter who they are, and advising them of their rights to personal safety, security, and any property rights they may have from leaving the marriage or relationship. Contact us today for a private consultation.

What Do Our Midvale Domestic Violence Lawyers Do?

Our domestic violence attorneys support the rights and safety of victims of domestic violence, adults, children, and the elderly. We know the harm that physical, emotional, and financial abuse can wreak on the victim, and we understand that you may be frightened to speak out. We want to make your voice heard, and your needs met, from drafting and filing for protective orders to assisting with temporary child possession orders to protect your child.

We also advocate for you in court. Whether you’re leaving an abusive marriage or you’re a victim of abuse from a parent, child, or roommate, you have the right to safety and security. Our team of investigators builds a strong case on your behalf to ensure you have maximum protection under the law. And, if you are leaving a relationship in which you have rights to property and assets, we also advocate for your financial interests and your safety.

Protecting Your Safety When You’re Unsafe At Home

The state of Michigan takes assertions of domestic violence very seriously, offering specific legal protections for victims and their families. In many cases, domestic violence victims may apply for a restraining order or another type of protective order, which can help reduce threatening contact and shield them from family violence.

Our attorneys can draft and file legal protections to help protect your children’s welfare and safety. We also represent you in court hearings and prove using a preponderance of the evidence against the person threatening you.

Should you be in a situation in which the opposing party or the named party in an order of protection fails to adhere to the terms of the order, we can pursue enforcement actions on your behalf. Compliance with court orders of protection is mandatory; should your safety and well-being be threatened by the other party’s non-compliance, we take the matter before a family law judge to hold them accountable and preserve your safety.

Do You Need Legal Advice In A Domestic Violence Situation?

Domestic violence can take more forms than hitting someone. Financial and emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical violence. We are here to protect you. Pacific Legal Group is a group of compassionate yet tenacious legal professionals who defend the rights of adults and children who have been harmed in domestic violence situations. Contact us today for a discreet consultation with a Midvale domestic violence lawyer.