Assault Lawyer Provo, UT

Assault Lawyer Provo, UTAn assault lawyer Provo, UT trusts from Pacific Legal Group knows that when someone accuses you of assault, it can be detrimental to your defense to try and attempt your case alone. Especially when someone is innocent, they may believe that proving their innocence will be simple. However, we encourage you not to take on these accusations alone. You may have the right alibi but do not know how to present it to the court. You may also be wholly unprepared for the charges against you and the evidence that hte other party has gathered. If someone has accused you of assaulting them, do not try to do this on your own. Instead, work with a team that has practiced assault law for years. Call Pacific Legal Group now.

Are there different types of assault? 

Utah laws have identified a few different types of assault, including classes A and B misdemeanor assaults and 2nd and 3rd-degree felonies. 

  • Class A Misdemeanor. If you assaulted someone and there was serious bodily injury, this would be a Misdemeanor A. 
  • Class B Misdemeanor. A lesser crime, Misdemeanor B assault occurs when there is a threat or attempt to do bodily harm or an act of violence that includes bodily harm to another person. 
  • 3rd Degree Felony. If you assaulted someone with a dangerous weapon or used enough force that it could have killed someone, this can turn into a 3rd-degree felony.
  • 2nd Degree Felony. If the assault was carried out against a member of the military, school employees, or other protected victims, it can turn into a 2nd-degree felony. 

If you are facing assault charges and need to speak with an attorney, do not hesitate to contact our Provo, Utah assault lawyer for more information. 

Can I argue that I was using self-defense? 

Many people use self-defense as an argument when they are being charged with assault, whether they were defending themselves, another person, or their property. A judge will look at a variety of factors when it comes to claiming self-defense, including how serious the threat was, whether you or the other party have a history of violence or aggression, and whether the threat was immediate. We understand that while it may seem like self-defense is a simple argument, a judge may still look at the evidence laid out and disagree. This is why you want to ensure you speak openly and honestly with your attorney, present the facts, and have them argue on your behalf. 

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