Ways You Can Prepare For Your Consultation With A Probate Lawyer

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How To Prepare For Probate

The time period immediately after the death of a relative is always challenging for those impacted by their passing. The person who was appointed executor, or personal representative, will be responsible for seeing that the property is probated. The process of probate is when a will is validated in court as true and accurate wishes of the deceased. After its completion, the assets within the estate will be distributed to beneficiaries, and the estate will be considered settled. 

The steps of probate are commonly complicated, prolonged, and nuanced. For those who were chosen as executor or personal representative, consider these ways you can prepare for your consultation with a probate lawyer:

  • Gather the death certificate, and last will and testament of the deceased
  • Questions or concerns you have about the estate or probate
  • Obtain financial documents such as retirement accounts, bank statements, etc.
  • Names of those you know are listed in the will

Your probate lawyer will understand that you are probably under quite a bit of stress due to the death, and having to step up as executor. Probate in itself can be overwhelming, especially when in the midst of grief. You may or may not be familiar with laws already, and even if you don’t, there are reputable professionals that you can rely on. Questions a probate lawyer should be able to answer for you include: 

  • What tasks do I need to handle as an executor?
  • What are the potential issues and successes with probate?
  • How long will it take before a probate conclusion?
  • What can be done if beneficiaries file a complaint about the estate?

As the probate attorneys would agree with, it’s perfectly acceptable to walk into your appointment with questions. Writing them down can help you get the answers you need so you don’t forget at the moment. Those who have been named executor or personal representative after someone’s passing may need the assistance of a lawyer for insight, and to help prevent a prolonged probate process.



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