Car Accident Lawyer 

Does it always make better sense to hire a lawyer? We live in an age of ‘do-it-yourself.” Taxes. Home Improvement. Learning languages. Youtube allows us to do things we once perhaps could not, or at least more easily. Just like you can’t get a medical degree from Google, you cannot get a juris doctorate online. The hiring of a car accident lawyer is an important decision involving many factors. 

Insurance Claim Considerations

While many examples of such considerations can be offered, two are featured here from our friend Attorney Eric T. Kirk. The finality of the accident claims process, and the significance of the claim itself. Insurance claims, whether settled, or tried, are final. Moreover, it is difficult to conceive of a subject matter more important than one’s health and bodily integrity. That is why you should not risk it by handling your case alone or letting the insurance company do whatever they want with it — instead, bring on a skilled attorney to guide you.

Settling Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are resolved in one of two ways. They are concluded by a settlement between an injured person and an insurance company or alternatively, they are resolved by a court decision after litigation between an injured person and an insurance company. Either resolution is final. If the case proceeds to court, the decision or judgment, rendered by the court, will be called a final judgment. If such a determination is not appealed, it forever represents the binding conclusive determination about the automobile accident, and the results of that accident. In other words, that outcome is forever fixed -what the injuries were, and what appropriate compensation was. If the case is resolved through a pre-suit or other settlement, the operative document is called a release, and this document likewise is a conclusively binding resolution to all claims. 

Hiring Legal Representation Advantages

In either situation, an injured individual would have no right to have either the conclusions of a court of law, or the contract he or she signed to settle the case revisited later. Make no mistake, those injured who have second thoughts or remorse about entering into a settlement or who are perhaps not happy with the results they got in court or appeal do not get a second chance. Realistically, no one ever wished to have their judgment or settlement re-opened for the purpose of getting less money. Obviously, they would only want to have it re-opened or revisited for the purposes of obtaining more money. Either one is impossible, as once the case has gone to trial or has been settled, there is no option for a “do-over”. It only makes sense at the end of the day, and indeed, the only realistic suggestion  in these circumstances is consultation with, minimally, or retention of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney that specializes in car accidents and insurance claims.

If you were recently involved in a car accident and need help filing a claim with your insurance company, contact a lawyer near you to schedule a consultation to have them represent your case.

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