Benefits and Disadvantages – Prenuptial Agreements

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A prenuptial agreement, prenup, is a legally binding agreement that directs how a couple’s individual assets will be handled in the event that their marriage ends.

Prenuptial agreements are a way to protect one’s life and property from the outside world. An experienced Chicago, IL Prenup Lawyer from Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC explains that it makes sense to consider the option of a prenuptial agreement, because people are waiting longer to get married, and possibly bringing more personal assets and debt into a marriage. A prenuptial agreement can help reduce the amount of risk involved should the marriage end.


Prenuptial agreements provide a significant benefit, as they require honest conversations. Whether you decide a prenuptial agreement is the right fit for you or not, sitting down with your partner to discuss debts, assets, and financial priorities can be enlightening and help you plan out your life together.

A prenuptial agreement ensures you will be able to retain your property and avoid the burden of any debt your partner brought into the marriage. It is especially significant for anyone’s partner who is carrying a significant amount of student loan or medical debt.


Prenuptial agreements tend to offer more protection to partners who bring the most assets to the marriage. It can be seen as a benefit for some or a major drawback to others. The terms of a prenuptial agreement do not apply to the assets or debts accrued during the marriage. It is possible that the topic of prenups is a touchy one for either you or your partner. This can make conversations concerning prenuptial agreements difficult or upsetting.

Considering legal representation

Prenuptial agreements are dependent upon many different states and countries. Some states limit the types of assets that are allowed to be covered. Other states include a much broader range of things that can be covered, such as future child support or alimony. Investing in a qualified prenup lawyer can help you understand your legal options. An attorney can assist you in navigating all the necessary paperwork, explain the different rules and regulations, and generally make the process more efficient.

You may need a prenuptial agreement in order to feel comfortable going forward with a big step in your life. A prenup lawyer can provide information that may help you decide. Generally, a lawyer that specializes in family law will be able to advise you in the area of prenuptial agreements. 

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