When Is It Time For a Divorce Lawyer?

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It is understandable that a person who is considering divorce may think that getting a lawyer will cost them more time and money than if they do it on their own. After all, why hire someone to do work you can do yourself? There are very few times when this would be a good idea. Divorce can be complicated, especially when you and your spouse have different assets, you have children, or you have been married for many years. Getting a divorce lawyer does not mean that you are trying to start this process out by being aggressive. Instead, it means you want to protect your assets. This process can be lengthy and complicated and working with a lawyer can help ensure you do not make any mistakes in the paperwork and hold up the process. 

When To Consider Working With a Divorce Lawyer

  • You want to work with an objective party. You may feel that under ordinary circumstances you are an objective person. Going through the divorce process can be incredibly emotional, though and you may feel depressed or betrayed. When this is the case, working with a lawyer can help you to look at the situation objectively. 
  • They can help you see possible outcomes. There are so many possible outcomes to divorce, like how your assets are split up or the amount of child support payments you might make. Lawyers, like divorce lawyers from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, can help you understand the possible outcomes of your divorce case or provide you with ways you and your spouse are comfortable settling the divorce. By offering avenues like mediation, you may end up saving more money in the end even with using a lawyer than you would if you gave your spouse more assets than they should get. A lawyer can help make sure that you are not focusing on winning the smaller battles and instead, you are looking at the bigger picture. 
  • You are not sure what the process looks like. This may seem like an obvious one, but if you have not studied family law and divorce law and are unfamiliar with the paperwork that comes with it, working with an attorney can be one of the best decisions you may make. Making an error in paperwork can cost you money and time. 

Are you about to embark on the divorce process? If so, reach out to a local divorce lawyer who can help you through this situation. 


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