What Does the Court Look for in a Custody Case?

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Navigating a child custody case can be extremely stressful. If you and your ex-partner are involved in a custody battle, you may be wondering how to improve your odds of achieving a fair custody arrangement. The judge will review a number of factors to determine if each parent meets their criteria. Ultimately, the decision goes back to what type of arrangement is best for the child. Here are some factors that a judge will consider when they are evaluating each parent to settle on a custody arrangement. 

Good Communication Skills

If you and your ex can show the court that you can communicate effectively, you are more likely to be granted to joint custody. Many states will try to ensure that the child has an equally strong bond with both parents as much as possible. When parents learn to communicate well and resolve their conflicts, the child is more inclined to grow up having a healthy relationship with them. Strong communication skills signal to the court that the parents are willing to put the work in to overcome conflicts and do what’s best for their child. 

Financial Stability

You are less likely to be awarded custody if you are not financially stable. If you do not have a stable job, the court will question your ability to provide and care for your child. Having a stable stream of income communicates to the judge that you are able to pay child support and buy them essential items like food and clothing. 

Enthusiasm to Support Your Child

The court will closely examine your willingness to raise your child. They will assess your statements, actions, and the strength of your bond with your child. Your interest in being an active part of your child’s life will be carefully evaluated because it attests to the strength of your emotional bond with them. 

Safe Home Environment 

Putting a child in a safe and violence-free home environment is crucial. If a parent has a history of physical abuse, emotional abuse, drinking or drug use, a judge will not award them as a custodial parent. 

Being aware of the things that the court will assess can help you make the actions or changes to improve your chances of obtaining custody of your child, as a family lawyer such as one from AttorneyBernie.com can explain. For legal advice, set up a consultation with a trusted family lawyer if you need assistance with a child custody case. 

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