The Most Common Causes of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

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Because of their extreme size and weight, semi truck accidents are typically worse than other vehicular incidents. Besides damage to your own car, you may suffer serious physical and emotional trauma. As a truck accident lawyer from can explain, here are some factors that commonly trigger crashes involving semis, along with reasons why you might be able to sue.


Truck drivers usually get paid by the mile and regularly face tight deadlines. They may be on the road for many hours and get less sleep than recommended. In fact, there are even laws that require haulers to receive a certain amount of rest, which is difficult to regulate. Tired drivers are slow to react and have the potential to cause a severe pile-up.


Because they must constantly be driving, many truckers resort to drugs to stay awake. One study showed that 30 percent of truckers take amphetamines while on duty. These stimulants can cause shippers to engage in unsafe practices and is obviously illegal. 


Trucks must meet certain specifications regarding the total weight of their haul. Although there are checks in place to verify that rules are not being broken, mistakes and deceptions still happen. When required weight limits are exceeded or items are unevenly loaded, there is a greater risk of jackknifing and tipping into an adjacent lane.


Big rigs come in various shapes and sizes, as do bridges. Because of this, some trucks cannot drive on certain roads. There are warning signs to prevent haulers from attempting to pass through connections under which they cannot fit. However, not every driver pays proper attention. When a truck’s height is excessive, a crash is nearly inevitable. Besides the truck itself losing control, the top of the vehicle can get sheared off and tossed into oncoming traffic.


Truckers are required to perform regular upkeep on their vehicles. Tires must be correctly inflated and brakes need to be inspected. If these or other critical duties are skipped, an accident may be likely. Any trucker that shirks maintenance responsibilities and has a crash is legally vulnerable.


Those in the trucking industry are expected to complete various tests before taking to the road. For instance, they need to log a certain number of hours of training and experience before they are able to legally operate a truck. Those who fail to meet these requirements and drive anyway need to be held accountable.

If a semi truck crashes into you, there is a good chance you may be eligible to receive compensation. Consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer to review your case.

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