Common Ways Car Accidents Happen

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Car Accident lawyer San Fernando Valley, CAA car accident can happen when you least expect it, so in case it does you should be prepared. Going to a lawyer following an accident can be highly valuable because you can learn about your legal rights and the steps you need to take in order to file a claim successfully. You can depend on a car accident lawyer like one from Unidos Legales to fiercely defend your rights and go after the person who caused the accident. Do not dismiss your chance to see if you are eligible to file a claim. There are several ways car accidents can happen such as the ones listed below.

Poor Weather

Weather can shift at any time, so if you are driving during dangerous weather you should always be cautious and pay attention to the conditions. Many weather-related accidents unfortunately occur because drivers are not driving at safe speeds, or they do not know how to adjust their driving for difficult weather conditions.  


Lack of sleep can result in a car accident occurring. Some drivers are much more prone to getting into a severe car accident, such as those who make long commutes to work or who travel at odd hours such as late at night. It’s important to get enough sleep before operating a vehicle so that car accidents do not occur. 


While many distractions can come up at any time while driving, drivers are responsible for keeping their attention focused on the road and safely arriving at their destination. Even a small and brief distraction can be enough to result in an accident, such as a sudden animal crossing the street.  

Reckless Driving

Drivers who engage in reckless driving such as speeding, street racing, and weaving on the freeway can cause an accident and strike innocent victims. You may be able to obtain a large amount of compensation if you have been hit by a reckless driver. You should not have to pay the consequences from an accident that a reckless driver caused, so explore your legal options. 

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving cases are all too common. Hire a lawyer if you have been hurt by a drunk driver because these cases can be too difficult to handle on your own. In a drunk driving case there could also be other parties charged, such as a bartender who provided too much alcohol to the at-fault driver. Contact a car accident lawyer if your injuries were the direct result of a drunk driver. 

Bicycle Collision

Bicycle accidents are common in places like neighborhoods and streets, but they can happen just about anywhere. When cyclists are not careful they can accidentally cause a driver to crash. Personal injury lawyers will be able to work on your case if you have been injured while riding a bicycle.

Car accidents can be life-changing, but with a lawyer’s help you can obtain financial compensation to ease your pain and recoup your losses. Request the help of a lawyer right away.

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