Car Crash-Related Back Pain: 4 Types You May Experience

by Pacific Legal GroupJanuary 24, 2022Personal Injury

When you become involved in a car crash, it can wreak havoc with your long-term health and cause pain weeks or even months after the incident. One common type of discomfort that lingers after a car wreck is back pain, and there are several different types that may cause you to seek medical and legal assistance once they start to affect your quality of life. 

1. Fractured Vertebrae 

The force of a high-impact car accident can cause you to be thrown in one direction with great force, even when belted in, causing one or more fractures in the vertebrae of the spine. The nerve endings around the area may experience damage as well. In some cases, small cracks or fissures may occur in the spine itself, which is called a compression fracture. This type of back injury may interfere with motor skills and cause numbness in the extremities. 

2. Whiplash 

Whiplash is a neck and spinal injury that is commonly related to serious rear-end collisions. During this type of crash, you are thrown forward and then back, like the snapping of a whip. This sudden, violent motion can damage the cervical spine, which runs from the base of the cranium to the thorax. This usually results in lingering back pain and a limited range of motion in your head and neck. 

3. Disc Injuries 

When two vehicles collide, both you and your vehicle take the shock and force of the impact. In some cases, the sudden and often violent movement can push the vertebrae’s discs out of position or, in cases of severe crashes, fracture them. Nerve damage may also occur in the lumbar portion of the spine, which can cause lower back pain when sitting or standing. The pain may also spread to other areas of the body or cause weakness in the arms or hands. A slipped disc may also interfere with your sleep, especially when you rest on your back. 

4. Soft Tissue Trauma 

Bruising on the back may be evident after a car crash, but soft tissue injuries are not always visible. Muscles, tendons and nerves can become injured as well, and small tears in the muscles can cause noticeable back pain if they go untreated. 

Back pain that results from a car crash can have a negative impact on your life and prevent you from enjoying activities you once loved, but you do not have to face the future on your own. If you are struggling to find a way to cover your medical expenses, meeting with a personal injury lawyer like one from the Yearin Law Office may be beneficial. Contact an attorney today for further information and assistance. 

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