Do You Need A Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Bicycle accidents can be a tragedy. These accidents happen to people on a daily basis with varying levels of injury. In many bicycle accident cases, the injuries may be minor where the victim receives only minor blood loss and some scrapes. However, in other cases, bones may…
Pacific Legal GroupOctober 12, 2022

Your Chances Of DUI Case Dropped

Facing a DUI charge can be overwhelming, and being placed into handcuffs is a scary experience in itself. Everyday, people get placed into the back of cop cars due to being accused of driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The judicial system often frowns upon those accused…
Pacific Legal GroupSeptember 13, 2022

So, What Exactly Is Litigation?

Litigation Law Firm Litigation is a general term used to describe the process of resolving conflicts and disputes through the legal system. In this respect, litigation can apply to a wide variety of disputes, ranging anywhere from a personal injury, a business dispute such as a breach of contract, or…
Pacific Legal GroupSeptember 7, 2022

Construction Site Accidents & Injuries

Construction Accident Attorney There are many dangerous and risky conditions that workers in the construction industry are exposed to on a daily basis. There are still a number of accidents that can occur in construction, despite the fact that the majority of workers are trained and aware of basic safety…
Pacific Legal GroupSeptember 6, 2022

Pass On Your Legacy Through Estate Planning

The idea of estate planning may seem overwhelming, but it’s something that no one should put off. You don’t need a big chunk of money in the bank to benefit from having an estate plan either, as anyone with something they value and want to pass down to others should…
Pacific Legal GroupAugust 16, 2022

Accident Victims Partially At Fault For Harm

Accident Victims Partially At Fault For Harm Often, individuals who have suffered injuries due to accidents fail to explore their legal options. Many are under the assumption that investing their time and energy into working with a lawyer is a waste of time because they couldn’t possibly be owed significant…
Pacific Legal GroupAugust 11, 2022

How To Make Sure Your Will Is Enacted After You Die

Your will is written by a probate lawyer and outlines your wishes in the event of your death, but it can only be enacted if it’s upheld in court after you pass away. A probate lawyer can help you ensure that your will isn’t contested by taking specific steps to…
Pacific Legal GroupJuly 21, 2022

What Do I Need to Start My Own Business?

What Do I Need to Start My Own Business? Opening up your own business can be exciting. Not only are there potential financial benefits for you and your family, but you have the potential to create something that will help change your local community for the better. Of course, it…
Pacific Legal GroupJuly 3, 2022

Common Indicators Of Emotional Elder Abuse

Unlike other kinds of elder mistreatment, emotional abuse can be more difficult to identify and prove. That is why loved ones must stay alert to signs that something could be wrong with their relative’s care. Doctors, medical staff, and other residents may be the culprits of elder emotional abuse. No…
Pacific Legal GroupJune 21, 2022

Reasons To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney

There are certain reasons that an individual or people may be considering working with estate planning. However, there is also something important to note. Some people may realize that soon, they are going to pass away, and it is important for them to leave a legacy behind.  As such, what…
Pacific Legal GroupJune 21, 2022