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Our out-of-state client was arrested for DUI in Utah. The evidence against him was both compelling and strong. We negotiated a Plea in Abeyance to a lesser charge and the client was able to resolve all of the legal issues without having to return to Utah and without serving any jail time. The case was dismissed after six months and our client's payment of a court fee.

Case Dismissed

A neighbor saw our client parked in the driveway and asleep in his car. She became concerned and called the police who charged him with driving under the influence. We showed the jury how our client was not in control of the vehicle. NOT GUILTY!

Jury Trial Acquittal

Our client was arrested for his fifth DUI in less than ten years and charged with a Third Degree Felony. The State had strong evidence and our client had a very poor criminal record but we were able to negotiate a result that avoided a prison sentence.

No Prison Time

Our client was stopped at a DUI checkpoint and failed several field sobriety tests. After challenging the State’s evidence – including poorly obtained blood samples – we obtained a complete dismissal of all charges.

Case Dismissed

Our client was pulled over for "crossing the fog line” and failed several field sobriety tests. After retesting the blood samples, we received a favorable result at the Driver's License Division hearing and ultimately obtained a complete dismissal of the DUI charge.

Case Dismissed

Our client was arrested for his second DUI charge only a few years after his first DUI conviction. The evidence against him - including his admission of excessive drinking to the arresting officers - was strong but we were able to negotiate a result that included no jail sentence.

No Jail Time

A DUI conviction changes your life. You can lose your driver’s license, serve jail time, pay a hefty fine, have your car insurance premiums increased, etc. But your life is not over. There is help available.

Most criminal cases do not go to a trial, felony charges do not always result in felony convictions, and misdemeanor charges do not always result in jail time. An experienced attorney can help you mitigate the consequences.

It is important to know that you have options. An experienced criminal lawyer can analyze your case, explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and explore the legal defenses available. Should you take your case to trial or should your attorney negotiate with the prosecutor for an acceptable result?

Having hope means knowing that your case has a chance, that your life has a chance, that you still have a chance. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate this process while you rebuild your life.

How Should I Handle My DUI Case?
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